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Periodontal Treatments

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Healing gum and bone  

Periodontal disease is an infection caused by bacteria that may affect your gums and the bone that holds your teeth, to the point of feeling loose teeth or even losing them.  It’s difficult to diagnose, it´s quiet and It doesn’t hurt most of the times. Some patients may show bleeding from the gums when they brush or floss, bad breath or retracting gums (the gums moves and continuously the root of the tooth is more visible).  Other patients may not have any symptoms of the disease and still It can be actively destroying bone.

A dentist during a regulator checkup can verify that there are no signs of periodontal disease, but if there are any, we have specialists in the area of periodontology that can design a plan of treatment in order to stop this problem from doing any more harm.

Periodontal treatment could also improve your appearance, in some cases, enhance the contour of the gum line, making the teeth look longer, according to your face structure, or placing dental implants in spaces where teeth had been lost.

Most procedures in the area of periodontology are performed with the complement of nitrous oxide sedation. Without extra cost.