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Esthetic Dentistry


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We all are to some level concerned with maintaining a pleasant look. A stunning smile is a fundamental piece of that general look. We can improve it in several ways at Savanna Clinica Odontologica.

We reach to maintain a balance between health and esthetics. We will recommend the best option for your specific case always having in mind preserving health in the long term.

If you’re not happy with the color of your teeth, there are safe techniques of teeth whitening, with the best materials available in the market and taking special precautions to keep your teeth healthy.

If you want to change the way some teeth are placed or the overall look of your smile a full “smile design” can help you extraordinarily. Without affecting the overall health of your teeth or gums, without irreversible changes (It can be removed anytime), we can change the way you smile in just one appointment.


If your smile shows too much of your gums and you don’t like it. We can improve that in well selected cases with simple procedures of periodontics aiming to show the real length of your teeth. There are biologic limits that we must respect and sometimes there´s the need for more complex procedures. The best way to know it is to get an appointment with us, we will give you all the information you need.


Do you still have metallic fillings and would like to change them? The replacement of metallic fillings for esthetic composite is completely safe. At Savanna Clinica Odontologica we have the specific specialist that can take care of all the esthetic changes that you might want.