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Dental implants


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The function of a dental implant is to replace a tooth that had been lost for any reason.

Dental implants help regain the ability to chew, comfortably, without visible metallic devices, without mobility of the tooth or teeth. Maximum use of esthetic techniques is implemented so It’s sometimes impossible to differentiate a natural tooth from a dental implant.

We can replace one tooth or regain a complete smile through the use dental implants. The procedure for placing them is safe when its performed by the appropriate, well prepared, specialist.

We can provide complete comfort for these type of procedures by using the best local anesthetics in the market complemented with the use of NITROUS OXIDE FOR SEDATION, JUST LIKE IN THE US.


When some or all teeth are missing from your upper or lower dental arch It gets difficult to properly control a prosthesis, to speak, to talk, to eat or simply to smile.

Our treatment plans can give you the guarantee of fixed prosthesis, (screw retained), It doesn’t matter if there’s only one tooth missing or all of them. Without any type or “hooks”, without visible unaesthetic devices that may embarrass you. Completely confident smiles, specially designed so you can enjoy excellent esthetic results according to your specific type of smile and to the contour of your face.